small amounts of the fabrics pictured below are available at the discounted price of £55 a metre.  they are all either roll ends or are printed in discontinued colourways 

please email for available amounts  

TT Zoom19.jpg

honfleur blue


honfleur grey

TT zoom30.jpg

honfleur orange

TT Zoom20.jpg

honfleur green


jaipur grey

TT Zoom12.jpg

jaipur blue

TT Zoom7.jpg

suzani grey/clementine


starflower grey

TT Zoom2.jpg

circles blue

TT swatch27.jpg


TT Zoom11.jpg

polonaise blue

TT Zoom14.jpg

jaipur yellow

TT Zoom4.jpg

suzani blue/yellow

TT Zoom5.jpg

suzani blue


starflower yellow


paisley sprig grey

TT swatch25.jpg

nordic blue

TT Zoom9.jpg

polonaise blue/green

TT Zoom13.jpg

jaipur green

TT Zoom6.jpg

suzani pink/blue

TT Zoom8.jpg

suzani blue/green

TT Zoom1.jpg

circles pink

TT Zoom17.jpg

paisley sprig red

TT swatch26.jpg

nordic pink